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St. Raymonds' RC Church Blood Drive


Welcome to the Incorporated Village of East Rockaway - our     Community by the Bay.   Our village government is committed to each and every one of our neighbors and local business in the community.

The Village Board and I are dedicated to providing top notch village services at the lowest possible cost to East Rockaway taxpayers.  During my past few years of service as Deputy Mayor, we've had three Tax Cut budgets that helped village homeowners.  Our village finance's also received a multi-level bond upgrade to its highest rating in recent memory.  

My administration is committed to keeping East Rockaway moving forward.  We will continue to operate government at its best, by doing more with less.  And by taking measures to ensure our one square mile village continues to be an even better place to live, work and raise a family.  

I am committed to leading East Rockaway down the same path started by former Mayor Fran Lenahan: valuing each and every taxpayer dollar to ensure our Community by the Bay remains responsive to residents, provides top-notch governmental services to every middle class family and senior as well as continue to improve village finances for our future.